Tuesday, December 16, 2008

My Secret Santa...

Who thought this Secret Santa thing up??? I don't know... but I sure am thankful. This was my first time to participate in a Secret Santa, and I received the most spectacular gift... A set of handmade mother/daughter bracelets for me and Jaden.
Thank you to whomever sent me such a wonderful surprise!

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Any OU Fans out there?

I am loving all this collegiate ribbon. I am personally a UT fan, but I made this bow for a friend of mine and thought I'd share. I'll be making UT bows next... and I might go ahead and make an Aggie bow, just in case there might be a fan or 2 out there.

Saturday, November 8, 2008

What's in a name?

A whole lot of thought... that's what's in a name. When I started making bows, Sew Cute Bags just didn't fit anymore. I searched and searched for a good name. I like a fun name... not too serious. Something that is really "me"... you know?
I was on the phone with my friend Danette... and she tells me about a lady who's daughter is ALWAYS wearing bows... or "No Bow... No Go" as her husband called it. "Whaaaaatttt?" I say... What did you call her? So she explains that No Bow... No Go is like American Express for hairbows... you don't leave home without it. It wasn't long before I was asking permission to use this fun and very fitting name.
Obviously she said yes, however, she constantly reminds me that I owe my life to her. I offered my first born, but she knows him too well and wasn't up for the challenge.
Of course, her husband says he made it up, but I've since heard that this has been a "Suthin Thang" for quite some time. This native Californian certainly had never heard of it... so I'll give him all the credit... THANKS LELTON!
Oh, and don't tell the locals I'm from California... they frown on that here in Texas ;oD
I'm off to go drink my sweat tea under an umbrella with my best beau. Y'all come back now... ya hear?

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Ellen in PIGTAILS???

Yes, Ellen Degeneres. I emailed her today (okay so I emailed one of her interns or something), and I suggested that she let me come teach her how to make bows. What do you think??? I'm thinking I'll get lucky if my pic makes it on the show. So this is what Ellen would look like with pigtails and a pair of my TDF Double Ruffle Bows!!! Doesn't she look adorable? Reminds me of a puppy when they cock their head to the side and perk up their ears. Okay, I'm going to go wait by the phone for Ellen's call now! Hehehe. A girl can dream can't she?

My start in the craft world.

I started off my crafting business in 2006 making handbags, diaper bags, and catalog bags (Thanks to my crafty friends Kay and Vicki). My first website was/is www.sewcutebags.com. I decided that I needed to learn to make bows for embellishments for my bags, and since the only bows I've ever been able to make were the ones on my shoes I figured I better start with some instructions.
Well... I was HOOKED! It was only days before I realized I could make my daughters hairbows. I got so obsessed with bows, I have had to cut back on making bags. I still make bags for friends and family, but don't have them listed on my Sew Cute Bags site anymore.
After about a month of making bows, someone asked for some help with a certain technique. I took some pictures, and started explaining how to do it, and before I knew it I had my first official ebook on bows.
So that's how it all began... stay tuned for the "real" meaning behind the name No Bow... No Go! on the next edition of my Devon's Blog... hehehehe... I'm practicing for my appearance on The Martha Stewart Show... or maybe the local news... or maybe just the bathroom mirror if no one else will have me ;oD

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

What is a BLOG anyway???

So here I am starting a Blog... I don't even know what that means really. Doesn't sound very pretty, but I hear it's what I need to do to keep up with the times.
Could it stand for Big Lover Of Grapes???
Maybe it's Boys Like Ornery Girls.
Buy Licorice Or Goobers?
Black Lindsay Olives Grow

I'm on a mission to find the true meaning of BLOG.